50 Signs…..

Here’s how to know when you’re spending too much time with  your library…. or your tablet.


Look Again

Look Again (Echo Platoon, #.5)Look Again by Marliss Melton
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Prequel to the Echo Platoon series by Melton. Tyler Rexall is a former high-school standout who loses his way after a catastrophic injury ends his Navy SEAL career.

He is rescued by a blue heeler named Bronson and a cute blonde named Katie who owns a training kennel for service dogs. His team, Echo Platoon, of SEAL Team 12, is the jumping off point for the new series. Good beginning with a brief plot.

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Protecting Kate (Dark Horse, Inc)

Protecting KateProtecting Kate by Amy J. Hawthorn

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Well-done first entry of the Dark Horse, Inc. series. Although it takes place in Kentucky horse country, the gentlemen and ladies of the Dark Horse group have all either served in law enforcement or in the military and have seen a lot.

In this episode, Trent Dawson meets a woman who he is sure is “trouble”. A former beauty queen, gorgeous and accomplished, he is surprised to find that she is having difficulty extricating herself from a situation. He comes to her rescue and vows to stay away, harder than he thought. She doesn’t think of him as anything but a ranch hand – although a helpful one. She soon finds out how helpful.

The danger here is as bizarre as I’ve seen in a long time in one of these books, so kudos to Ms. Hawthorn on that one. I’ll read the next and hope for more.

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Her Secret Wish

Her Secret Wish: A Lost and Found Series Novella- RachelHer Secret Wish: A Lost and Found Series Novella- Rachel by J.M. Madden
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Pretty good short one about a female LNF agent. She has taken a medical discharge from the Marine Corps after her helicopter crashes. Working for LNF in Denver, she is hit one day by a truck that flees the scene. In addition to totaling her brand new BMW, she is injured and afraid of exacerbating the damage done by the chopper crash. An off-duty DPD Officer stops to help, and there begins the story. Dean is smitten (?) immediately, and all Rachel can remember is the color of his eyes.

They begin to see each other, and find that they are immediately in deeper than either of them thought possible. This is a nice story -love and mutual support. OK – where is Duncan’s story??

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One Tough Cop

One Tough Cop (SWAT Chronicles, #2)One Tough Cop by Dahlia Rose
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Short and sweet, with no real suspense or conflict. The story of an abused woman trying to find her way out and the cop who sees her, wants to help and falls in love, is a sweet one. Even though she is leery of any physical or emotional contact, she needs someone and he really needs her. The lengths Max is willing to go to to make her feel comfortable are remarkable for a tough SWAT cop, but it makes sense for all of them. Good one.

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Beverly Jenkins – Interview

Romance readers know that when the sun goes down and the lights dim, that’s when things really get interesting. It would seem that Beverly Jenkins, a veteran of the genre and a self-professed night owl, is inclined to agree. During an early morning phone interview with BookPage from her home just outside Detroit, Jenkins apologizes for her husky voice, confessing that she’s still…

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