Murder on St. Nicholas Avenue (Gaslight)

Murder on St. Nicholas Avenue (Gaslight Mystery, #18)Murder on St. Nicholas Avenue by Victoria Thompson
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Good one, introducing what may be the new Malloy Detective Agency. The Deckers, Gino, Maeve and even Frank’s ma, help out here. A Mrs. O’Neill comes to see Mrs. Malloy (an old friend from the old neighborhood) with a tale of woe. Her beautiful, wonderful daughter is in trouble.

She had married a “nice gentleman”, with lots of money, and the gentleman has been killed. Her daughter has been arrested and no one will let her mother see her. Maeve takes her in hand, and before they know it, they are all involved in an ugly story, with costs that no one can see. Gino quits the police force, and it’s just one effect of the ugliness of the case.

Some subtle points here, especially about the effect of beauty, as well as the effect of the press on a police matter.

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Corridors of the Night (William Monk)

Corridors of the Night (William Monk, #21)Corridors of the Night by Anne Perry
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

“The end justifies the means”.

This one involves Hester Monk more than her husband, although he has more than one major trauma in this story. Hester is nursing at Greenwich Hospital and meets a young girl one evening. She is frightened and small. Hester finds that she and two of her brothers are in the same ward. What has happened to them is horrible, in more than one way. The tangle of emotions, crimes, and awful behavior makes this one a good, but a very ugly story. There’s a cliffhanger, too. William is looking for a reckoning and will find it, probably in the next story.

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Seeing Love (Saints Protection)

Seeing LoveSeeing Love by Maryann Jordan

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

(Again deducting a star for bad word choice and unfortunate grammar). Bart Taggart is a former SEAL who joins Jack Bryant’s Saints Protection to regain some freedom from bureaucracy in his work. A local “businessman” asks for their help, having helped the Saints once before (in Revealing Love). His grandson has been kidnapped and ransom has been paid but the boy has not been returned.

Bart is assigned the case because he had worked with the man before. He is stunned when he finds that he will also be working with a woman who “sees” things. They do not get along at all. Of course, as the case moves on, Bart sees that he has misjudged the lady and also finds that he likes her quite a bit.

Good one.

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Who Buries the Dead (Sebastian St. Cyr)

Who Buries the Dead (Sebastian St. Cyr #10)Who Buries the Dead by C.S. Harris

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Excellent entry to the series. Baby Simon is colicky and can wake the entire street when he cries. Unfortunately, many other things occupy his parents. Sebastian is asked to investigate the murder of a man who was decapitated by his killer. Hero, meanwhile, is interviewing costermongers for her latest article.

So many threads here – the unveiling of a crypt containing remains of English kings, a long-ago massacre still haunting Sebastian, Miss Jane Austen and her anonymously-written novels, Jamie Knox and his woman, Lord Jarvis – almost too many to tell. Unfortunately, there are many deaths, too.

Sebastian decides to journey to Southwick to visit the past, and to satisfy a wish.

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Kansas City Confessions (Cold Case)

Kansas City Confessions (The Precinct: Cold Case #3)Kansas City Confessions by Julie Miller
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Good one, closing the Cold Case miniseries (don’t worry – Miller has another – Bachelors in Blue – starting soon). This one ties together a lot of threads of many cold cases. I’ll never hear the movie title “Strangers on a Train” again without remembering this series.

The story in the foreground is about Katie Rinaldi, niece of the District Attorney and tech guru of the Cold Case squad. Katie is a single mom with a single focus – keeping her young son safe and keeping him away from the errors in judgment she has made in her life. High school friend and now fellow detective on the squad Trent Dixon wishes she would focus on him.

The story is a good one and good closure for the Cold Case guys and gals.

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Blood on the Water (William Monk)

Blood on the Water (William Monk, #20)Blood on the Water by Anne Perry
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Excellent procedural with undertones of racism, xenophobia, political corruption, blackmail and a lot of murders. There are a few points made here that may not be comfortable for some, but are true nonetheless.

A pleasure/party boat explodes in front of Monk and one of his men on the Thames. As quickly as Monk marshals his forces to begin the investigation, the River Police are taken off the case. It is abrupt, political and harsh. Monk and Hester, as well as everyone they know, are appalled. When the trial of an Egyptian national comes to a hasty verdict, only some of the involved are satisfied.

After some coincidences, a few outbursts and an attempt on Monk’s life, the case is wide open again. Oliver Rathbone has returned from his long trip with his father and, though disbarred, can still assist in legal matters. He has a chance at redemption here, dim though it may seem. As is usual with Perry’s stories, the victories won by the forces of good seem too painful and too costly for the “winners” to bear.

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Kansas City Secrets (Cold Case)

Kansas City Secrets (The Precinct: Cold Case #2)Kansas City Secrets by Julie Miller

Good episode of the Precinct, now in the Cold Case Squad. Max Krolikowski is a former military man, suffering from PTSD while dealing with the guilt of losing his best friend to suicide. During the anniversary day, he and his partner visit Rosemary March, sister of Stephen, serving time in prison for killing Danielle Reese, a reporter.

There is way more to this killing than anyone knows. Rosemary has also been harassed by a stalker, who seems to know more about her than anyone should. She has also been under suspicion of killing her once- fiance, a brutal abuser. She has so many things going against her that sh basically shuts down when anyone comes near her, or, God forbid, into her house.

You can probably guess that this is going to happen at some time or another. Max is also stymied by how this prim redhead can tie him im knots. It’s an improbable love story, but a good one.

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