No Greater Hell (Lost& Found #4)

No Greater Hell (Lost an Found, inc. #4)No Greater Hell by Jerrie Alexander
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Scary and intense. This is the story of Jake Donovan, who left Lost & Found after a serious illness and some terrible experiences. He wants to get away because he can’t see how his friends can really trust him again, and the young lady he liked cringes when she sees him now. He knows she is afraid of him so he leaves to make everyone more comfortable. Two years later, he is approached by a sheriff in Murdock, Texas where he is living with and helping his aunt at her ranch. After a natural disaster, the nearby towns are in bad need of help with recovery.

Unknown to Jake, Holly, a nurse, has also come there to volunteer. Some awful happenings later, they realize that they care for each other and begin the healing process. This one is really scary, though, lots of seemingly random violence that makes sense only to the perpetrators. By the way, I would suggest that no one read this story without having read the first three books of the series. There is really a lot of backstory here that makes no sense without that.

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Murder in Morningside Heights (Gaslight)

Murder in Morningside Heights (Gaslight Mystery, #19)Murder in Morningside Heights by Victoria Thompson
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This one takes place after Frank and Sarah return from their honeymoon and they have worked to start their own investigative agency. A man comes to Frank and asks him to investigate the brutal murder of his daughter at an exclusive women’s college. She had taught at the prestigious school as well as been a graduate of it.

The conversations are enchanting, if horrifying, regarding women’s place and how, of course, no woman who had an offer of marriage would actually work. Even more horrifying is the conversation between Frank and the college president in which Frank is told that women are horrified by sex and only tolerate it for the purposes of procreation (!). Therefore….

Many ideas get an airing here that are surprising and hideous and the crime is solved by a group effort. More interesting is the ending which promises that Sarah will not be a typical wife.

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Vortex (SAI #1)

Vortex (SAI Book 1)Vortex by Lea Hart
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Another adventure with the DuMond Family. The oldest sister, Vivi, is a doctor who runs a free clinic in one of New Orleans’ poorest neighborhoods, Algiers. They have been robbed and threatened, and lately, bodies have been left inside their clinic.

Ronnie asks the Miami office of SAI to help and protect the three powerhouse women who run and staff the clinic. Joel, who heads the office, goes down reluctantly because he does not get along with Vivi. There is a reason for that, as will soon be seen. Turns out both of them have things in their past that they need to overcome.

The story becomes a crime story, a love story, and oh, so many other things. I have to commend Ms. Hart on the dialogue in this one, particularly between Vivi and Joel. It is hilarious.

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The Alexandria Affair (Capt. Lacey)

The Alexandria Affair (Captain Lacey Regency Mysteries, #11)The Alexandria Affair by Ashley Gardner
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

A rollicking, world-traveling tale of Captain Lacey and his good friend Grenville, finally taking the trip to Egypt they have discussed for years. They insert themselves into many adventures and situations along the way.

Gardner finds a way to place them into all kinds of danger, too. I’m not sure whether it’s over the top or not. However, a few things of lasting import happen, namely the solidifying a friendships and a confrontation with the mysterious follower who has harmed both Lacey and Brewster.

Throw in a commission from the nefarious Mr. Denis, and you have a soup of a story that is ultimately satisfying.

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After Love (Austin Heroes)

After Love (Austin Heroes, #1)After Love by Kathy Clark
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Good one, spinning off the Archer Brothers from the Denver Heroes series. Nick is the DEA Agent that Sara and Chris met (Deep Night). He is back home in Austin trying to find a dealer selling “loosie-goosies” that are laced with K2, poison and many other substances that are killing college students.

Nick needs a partner and instead of a person….. he gets Harley, a German shepherd who had been difficult to place. Jamie Chambers runs the Woof Gang training school, and Nick is instantly taken by her. She is a young widow who will never love again after her dead husband. Nick had a bad experience with marriage and never wants to be that vulnerable again. She suggests a “friends with benefits” arrangement and he goes along. He finds that he wants more and eventually, Jamie kicks him to the curb.

There’s more to the romance and more to the cop story, too. What will endear you is what goes wrong for Nick in this story. He doesn’t come off as a hero for most of the story; he comes off as snakebit. He redeems himself, though. Good one with an HEA.

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Look Again

Look Again (Echo Platoon, #.5)Look Again by Marliss Melton

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Prequel to the Echo Platoon series by Melton. Tyler Rexall is a former high-school standout who loses his way after a catastrophic injury ends his Navy SEAL career.

He is rescued by a blue heeler named Bronson and a cute blonde named Katie who owns a training kennel for service dogs. His team, Echo Platoon, of SEAL Team 12, is the jumping off point for the new series. Good beginning with a brief plot.

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Deep Night

Deep Night (Denver Heroes, #3)Deep Night by Kathy Clark
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Very good last entry about the Wilson brothers, first responders in Denver. Chris, the youngest, is a paramedic, also attending medical school. Unbeknownst to his family, Chris was medically discharged from the Navy due to a severe leg injury. He has never told anyone this secret. He also suffers from PTSD from his experiences in Afghanistan.

His partner, Sara, has been friendly with Chris and his family from childhood. She is reserved and never interacts with men, but assures Chris she’s not gay. Chris has realized how important she is to him but feels that since he is under her, she will never give him the time of day. Sara has been in love with Chris since they were little but will never let herself be comfortable with a man due to horrible experiences in her girlhood. It’s a long journey for them to both find some peace, but this is a trip worth taking with them. Look out for Nick Archer, too – he has been spun off into a new series.

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