Would-Be Christmas Wedding

Would-Be Christmas Wedding (Colby Agency, #53)Would-Be Christmas Wedding by Debra Webb
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

An unexpected romance. Webb and Black are having fun with the readers here, throwing two smart, attractive and not twenty-somethings together. Emmett Holt is the Deputy Director of the covert Specialists, and has removed himself from every human contact possible. He is, of course, playing a very dangerous game with bio-weapons, a known terrorist and a longtime feud.

Director Casey is leery of Holt, and has Jason Grant always ready to back up any op that may go sideways – and take over as Deputy, too. When Casey’s sister Cecelia, just out of mourning her husband of twenty-five years, indicates that she no longer wants to ride a desk at Human Resources at the CIA, Thomas has a fit. He wants her to stay the loving, meek housewife she has always been. You can probably guess what happens when Cecelia goes out with the gentleman she’s been having online singles correspondence with.

Holt, of course, begins with another idea in mind. They find, however, that they both have unexpected talents. She is a natural at spycraft, and he does have a beating heart. Good one.

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Protecting Justice

Protecting Justice (Justice Team, #4)Protecting Justice by Misty Evans
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Wild one in the Justice Team series. Lots of elements here, including Washington power, Beltway intrigue, plain old money as a motivator, two alphas as leads and a murder. Tony Gerard, the Capitol Police officer first encountered in Exposing Justice, plays a lead here.
He’s asked to provide emergency security for a Senator’s family after the Senator’s death. Tony meets the whirlwind that is Fallyn Pasche and the craziness begins. This is a good story with a good romance and, unfortunately, not too crazy to believe.

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Exposed (Edgars Family)

Exposed (Edgars Family #5)Exposed by Suzanne Ferrell

So Marshal Frank Castello has a heart after all. The crusty friend (don’t you love it when someone is called “crusty”?) of the Edgars clan is benched after being shot during a takedown of a militia group.

He has been called on the carpet by his boss about “off the books” investigations and he promises not to do it again. However, he meets Sydney Peele at an Edgars wedding and drives her home. He thinks she’s cute, she thinks he’s hot, and then her house burns down. Presto – they’re on the run and Frank is in trouble, in more ways than one.

Lots of action and a good storyline here. I’m still waiting for Doyle’s story, Ms. Ferrell!

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Indecent Danger

Indecent Danger (Danger Incorporated #3)Indecent Danger by Olivia Jaymes
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

A good whodunit rounds out the love stories of the Anderson Brothers. Travis Anderson has been immune to falling in love, enjoying the company of many women. There is a dark side to being rich, famous and handsome. Many of the women are simply looking at his bank balance and not him. He sees a mystery woman during the pursuit of Gigi’s stalker, and there it is.

Coincidence of all coincidences, the gorgeous woman is Gigi’s sister Aubrey. When they are rescued from the stalker, Travis takes her home and hires her as his assistant, later to be his girlfriend. He is waiting patiently for her, but Aubrey has a few secrets. When they attend a birthday party for one of Travis’ associates and friends, a murder mystery begins that threatens their relationship and their lives.

Travis begins an investigation with Aubrey and then with the added help of Cousin Shane. It takes a near-tragedy and a lot of twists to come to the conclusion. Good one with an HEA. I also see a future romance in a character from this story, so I look forward to that, too.

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