Almost Forever (Austin Heroes)

Almost Forever: An Austin Heroes NovelAlmost Forever: An Austin Heroes Novel by Kathy Clark
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This one is entertaining, too. Justin Archer is the upright Texas Ranger of the Archer family. He is assigned a cold case when a human skull and remains are found in a field near a winery. The winery owner is the victim and he has been missing for eight years.

The owner’s widow is a beautiful woman with an adorable little girl, and Justin is taken with them. He has to solve the case, however. Unfortunately for him, he is not able to concentrate as well as he normally does because he believes that Lori is in danger. When an intruder scares her daughter, Lori calls Justin first. He is removed from the case because he is no longer impartial. His replacement immediately arrests Lori for her husband’s murder, and Justin is horrified. He is also ordered to take vacation time – and he spends it at Lori’s home.

As they fall more deeply in love (without admitting it to each other or themselves), the danger and the mystery build. This one does have a few left turns that I didn’t see coming. Good one.

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Undeniable (Key West)

Undeniable (Key West, #4)Undeniable by C.A. Harms
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Good one ending the Key West series. Jett Jameson’s chef Jude Calvert has been fighting in unsanctioned fight clubs to make extra money. Supporting his sister and her children after a serious car accident followed by a breast cancer diagnosis has taken all the money Jude can raise.

He has not shared most of the story with his friends until disaster strikes. He is beaten badly by a fight rival and three other men outside the arena. His friends rally around to help and Jude is unhappy, not wanting to burden his friends. In a show of love, they finally make him understand it isn’t a shame to accept help. Callie, his coworker, likes Jude but he keeps her away so he won’t get attached to her.

He doesn’t know how strong his friends are. She sticks by him and they finally acknowledge their feelings. Lots of good and bad happen before the HEA.

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Jacob (Kings of Guardian 1)

Jacob (Kings of Guardian, #1)Jacob by Kris Michaels
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Excellent, if brutal, beginning to the Kings of Guardian series. Jacob King is the Alpha team leader and the alpha in every way. Taking out a hostile stronghold, he has discovered a prisoner who is American. He brings her out and tries to help her with her trauma while flying back to the states.

He arranges to meet her for dinner one ear from that date never thinking it would turn out to be anything but a dinner with a new friend. The writing in this section is exquisite. Michaels makes you see the surprise and the anticipation from both as they meet again.
Unfortunately there is more in their world. This book sets the stage for their mariage, families and the new venture.

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Joseph (Kings of Guardian 2)

Joseph (The Kings of Guardian, #2)Joseph by Kris Michaels
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Another emotional punch in this one. Dr. Ember Harris is in danger, or so she thinks. She calls Joseph King out of the blue after not having seen him for 16 years. High school sweethearts, they parted knowing they had different goals. She became a doctor and is an overworked trauma surgeon in a major city hospital. He has become the darkest of the dark forces of Guardian. But when she calls, he calls her back and drives hours to meet her. Turns out she is in real danger and he is the man to protect her. She thinks they can rekindle their relationship; he is sure they can’t.

This one is sad and fascinating by turns and the HEA is a tough one to anticipate.

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Adam (Kings of Guardian 3)

Adam (Kings of Guardian, #3)Adam by Kris Michaels
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This series gets better and better, and I wonder whose town they will annex next! The Guardian complex is becoming bigger and bigger and more people are moving around. Who is the mysterious Smith?

In any case, this is Adam and Keelee’s story. Adam has fences to mend since he began to remember what he had lost after the disastrous engagement with both teams decimated and rescued by Tori’s persistence.

Keelee has never understood what she had done and Adam needs to tell her that she made no mistake. Of course, in order for him to tell her he has to rescue her first! From a root cellar – in a blizzard – with injuries.

Their reconciliation takes place over a few weeks after that disaster and, another surprise (to Keelee and Adam, anyway) Frank is home and catches them together.

Lots happens here and two more young sons are “adopted”, both named Koehler, and wow – another big story to come, I think. Another HEA, but a lot of suspense before it happens.

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Lost in Shadows (Shadow Ops 2)

Lost in Shadows (Shadow Ops, #2)Lost in Shadows by C.J. Lyons
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Good second entry in the Lost in Shadows series. The unit is a shadow, dark-operating unit working in the US.

Lucky Cavanaugh is a unique ATF agent in that he went up against the shadowy militia leader called The Preacher and lived. His heart will never be the same due to the man’s prowess with a reworked stun gun, but Lucky is alive. He is the only one around in the office late on evening and a fellow ATF agent wants backup for a buy and bust sting from the Crusade, Preacher’s group. They are immediately made for government agents and the lead is killed. Lucky escapes and is saved by a local biologist who lives in the woods.

She happens to be beautiful and resembles a woman Lucky had seen in a dream (she saved him). They are caught in a storm of great intensity and they need to escape, outflanked, outgunned and outmanned as they are. Implausible as it seems, Luck’y ingenuity and Vinnie’s knowledge of her forest, help them. A wrecked rescue effort and more damages to friends leave this on a cliffhanger in every way. Good one and good HEA for two people who really needed someone and really found each other.

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Jason (Kings of Guardian 4)

Jason (Kings of Guardian #4)Jason by Kris Michaels
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Wow, another good one here. Each of the brothers so far has found his One in a different manner. In this one, Jason visits the remaining family of one of his deceased team members from the op that cost them so dearly. The remaining family are a half-sister single mom and her son. Faith has survived a hellish upbringing and found a small bit of calm in her small life with her son.

When she meets Jason and they find each other attractive, her world starts to shake under her feet. It seems to do the same to Jason, too. Unfortunately, there are a lot of outside forces aligned against Guardian and the opening of what appears to be a long saga happens here. The love story is good, though. The next book appears to be a slight divergence from the first four – bring it on!

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