Kansas City Countdown

Kansas City Countdown (The Precinct: Bachelors in Blue #2; The Precinct #29)Kansas City Countdown by Julie Miller
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Good second entry in the Bachelors in Blue miniseries of the Precinct. Keir Watson is a good detective, one who prides himself on his meticulous work and preparation for the job and for his court appearances.

So he is crushed when he is shredded on the witness stand by “The Terminator”, or defense attorney Kenna Parker. He and his partner are enjoying a condolence drink at a local bar when Keir is just too miserable to enjoy himself. He leaves and sees a man in a hoodie across the street; the man stands out from the local folks coming in and out of restaurants and bars. The guy walks away and Keir moves on. He hears a woman talking and thinks there may be a problem so he goes to investigate. He finds a woman beaten, bloodied and talking with no rhyme or reason.

He goes to help her up and finds – The Terminator – much different from her earlier triumph over him. She is disoriented and bloody. He calls for help, and while waiting for the ambulance, he realizes she has no idea who he is, nor does she know who she is herself.
This is the beginning to a good whodunit and an even better love story. Miller brings it home each time. There is more to come in the series and in the mystery that began Niall’s story earlier.

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Over the Line (Alpha Ops)

Over the Line (Alpha Ops, #2)Over the Line by Emmy Curtis
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Kind of a wild ride in this one. James Walker had saved Beth Garcia’s life in Afghanistan. He was crazy about her but she kept him at arm’s length. Through a ridiculous set of circumstances, she ends up with James, not going hiking as they planned, but traveling to James’ family home, to attend his sister’s completely over the top society wedding.

Beth becomes James’ mystery fiancee, to his mother’s horror and then finds all sorts of strange happenings. She and James become lovers, and she realizes that she loves him. There is almost too much going on here, but it’s a good one.

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