Mistletoe Mischief (Lost and Found)

Mistletoe Mischief (Lost and Found, #5.5)Mistletoe Mischief by J.M. Madden
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A holiday novella plus bonuses set in the Lost and Found Investigative world in Denver. Many of the “combat-modified” veterans on LNF’s workforce have found their “forever” but not Roger. I like the fact that Madden includes an African-American vet in her stories, and he is a full member of the team. Our military is multi-cultural and we should remember that the blood they bleed is all the same.

Roger has a prosthetic in place of his arm, as well as scars over a large portion of his body. He is reticent about that and generally chooses to work the overnight shift and sleep during the day when the world is more populated. At the famous Christmas party, Roger has been fixed up with Cassandra, a graphic designer who is a big beautiful woman. She shies away from intimacy, having been hurt too many times by the wrong man. They are shy with each other, while simultaneously feeling a spark that neither has felt before.

They make it a very Merry Christmas together before realizing that they are comfortable together, and knowing about each other doesn’t scare them. There is a nice happy ending for them. Madden then looks in on Gabe (Reclaiming Her SEAL) and Julie. They are still struggling with their adjustments to the new part of the country where they live now. We also see Christmas with Zeke, Ember, and Drew, making a family Christmas. Little Drew holds the key to making it a perfect Christmas day for Zeke, without knowing it.

Another point to make about this series” Madden never shies away from telling us about the effects that combat injuries have on her characters. Their injuries are emotional as well as physical and they suffer from nightmares, insomnia, pain from their injuries and relationship strains. You root for them all the time.

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Jasmine (Kings of Guardian)

Jasmine: Kings of Guardian (Book 6)Jasmine: Kings of Guardian by Kris Michaels
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Jasmine King is the type of woman who rivets a man’s attention. She generally sloughs it off, choosing to protect herself against the type of mistake she made once. Then she meets a man who rivets her attention, and he storms all her defenses. He’s not just any man, either – country music legend Chad Nelson with a reputation and career bigger than life.

He’s insulated himself so far from the world that he doesn’t realize that there are snakes in his garden, in the person of someone close. That person has searched out people who are suing Chad – and murdered them. Chad has become a person of interest, while a stalker has also threatened both him and Jasmine as she is his Personal Security Officer.

It takes a grim turn, while the two of them are falling in love. She doesn’t want to know it, and he sees it all too clearly. He also sees how closely she guards herself. With the help of a too-big, too-observant ranch family, the threats are identified. There are close calls galore, but a good, tight story.

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But Not for Me

But Not For Me (Avalon Romance)But Not For Me by Mona Ingram

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Another good story of a strong woman by Ingram. Erin is a chef who has spent the last few years raising her sister. Now her self-centered sister is of age and Erin needs to get away. She accepts a job as executive chef at an exclusive vacation spot in British Columbia.

She decides to have an adventure by taking a charter boat to get to the lodge. On meeting the other passengers and the captain, they embark. There are good character studies here and you get to know all of them. When a disaster strikes, Erin takes care of everyone, putting everyone before herself.

After they arrive at the Lodge, Erin and Gray begin a tentative romance. Some things happen to both of them that make them rethink things they have believed forever. Good one.

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Love of a Lifetime (Finding Love)

Love of a Lifetime (Finding Love, #3)Love of a Lifetime by Delaney Cameron

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Another well done, clean romance from Cameron in her Finding Love series. Faith is taking a weekend to mull over her unsatisfying relationship with a colleague, trying to let him down gently.

She wakes up with a man in her bedroom. Turns out he has more right to the home than she does but he is chivalrous. He is also a pretty well-known ex-professional baseball player. Landris is shocked to see the beautiful woman in his bed. He is also shocked to see how he reacted to her. Having been burned by love and marriage once before, he is determined to keep love at arm’s length. Faith, however, breaks down every one of his defenses.

With her young widowhood, she thinks to never be able to get over her loss. Landris proves her wrong. A gem from Cameron.

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Dare to Love (Finding Love)

Dare to Love: A Sweet Contemporary Romance (Finding Love Book 4)Dare to Love: A Sweet Contemporary Romance by Delaney Cameron
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Another winner in the Finding Love series. Trent is the brother of Landris, who was the hero of the previous entry in this series. Trent lost his chance to be a pro athlete and found a facility for finance. Starting his own firm, he and his partner hire a temp to substitute for their assistant. Trent realizes that she is the same woman he hurt badly when they were in college.

There is a redemption story here, for both parties, and a very romantic “love reclaimed” story.

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Her Survivor (Black Eagle Ops)

Her Survivor (Black Eagle Ops, #1)Her Survivor by Vonnie Davis

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Excellent beginning to the Black Eagle Ops series. In the Texas Hill Country, there is a place that some call mystical. The old Native American legend spoke of a place where healing waters flowed from a waterfall.
The little town kept its secret until a group of modern day wounded warriors began to come to town. Dustin Franks is one of them, a SEAL with internal and external wounds. His PTSD makes him prickly and nervous. When he meets the lively and beautiful redhead who owns the bookstore in town, he treats her rudely. She is too pretty for his nerves, and for his equilibrium. They get past the awkwardness and begin to date.
There are too many secrets, though, between them. They will need to deal with all of them in order to find their peace. The problem that arises is very close to home and takes a horrible turn.  I look forward to the next entry.

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Hers to Heal (Black Eagle Ops)

Hers to Heal (Black Eagle Ops, #2)Hers to Heal by Vonnie Davis
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Second of the Black Eagle Ops series about wounded warriors finding healing in the Texas Hill Country. Reece is a former SEAL dealing with an amputation and PTSD. Gina is the physical therapist working with him. He is damaged enough to shy away from a relationship even though Gina and he feel an attraction.

Working with Zane at the ranch, he is healing slowly, but still wants to feel needed again. The crime faction that appeared in the first story appears here again and becomes a threat again. How they resolve the threat and their issues makes a good story, even though there is way too much exposition couched as dialogue. It’s too bad, because it is a good series.

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