One Taste of You

One Taste of YouOne Taste of You by Amanda Siegrist

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Surprisingly good first entry in a new series. Zoe and Zeke meet under rather unfortunate circumstances, with surprising results. When a mystery unfolds around Zoe’s workplace, Zeke and his partner Ben are assigned to the case. Zoe is horrified to see him and lets her friends know about it. They do not take it well.

Zeke and Zoe try to mend the shambles that is their relationship, with all the odds stacked against them. Did you notice how many cliches I used there? The author does the same in some spots. However, the story is a good one and the romance is sweet. For a change, both characters come from relatively normal homes, no divorces or psychos in the background. It plays into the character relationships in the story.

In any case, this one is good enough for me to wait a few days for the next series entry to be released.

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Her Dominant SEAL (Midnight Delta)

Her Dominant SEAL (Midnight Delta, #9)Her Dominant SEAL by Caitlyn O’Leary
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Drake has always run away from Tennessee, even though his beloved six sisters are still there. One by one, they are growing up and leaving the evil of their abusive parents behind. Unfortunately, something happens. Their father is released early from prison and no one is advised in advance.

He barges into one sister’s home destroying their house and terrifying his own granddaughter. The youngest sister, Piper, calls Drake and he catches a plane immediately for home. He tells no one on his team, knowing that Clint and Lydia will be able to track him.

He recovers Piper and finds that his SEAL service helps when he needs a place to hid her. When he delves into the sewage surrounding his father’s cronies, he finds the situation is worse. Fortunately, Drake doesn’t care for his own safety, knowing he has a team of SEALs at his back. He asks Aiden from Black Dawn team to come and help.

Piper is very smart and is in line for many scholarships. When a beautiful teacher from the local school comes to help, he is horrified that so many people know where they are hiding. However, he is smitten by Karen, a beautiful kindergarten teacher who is helping Piper with her studies and her college and scholarship applications. They fall in love, even though Drake is still afraid that anyone associated with the Averys is in danger from their parents and Norville Avery’s prison cronies, including the Aryan Brotherhood.

The story is fast-paced and very satisfying. There are a few hints of a few more stories there; I hope Ms. O’Leary is working on those too!

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Love on the Line (Line #1)

Love on the Line (The Line, #1)Love on the Line by Kimberly Kincaid
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

First of the Line series. Violet Morgan is a private chef who has harbored a secret crush on her brother’s detective partner for years. Noah is a no-nonsense guy, not given to sentimentality. When he is shot in the line of duty, Violet goes to visit, even though she has sworn never to date a cop. When their dad was shot in the line of duty, Jason and Violet were changed forever by the tragedy. She doesn’t want to be involved – then the Police Department hires her to cook for and check on Noah while he is off duty “on a medical”.

The proximity causes issues and they begin to acknowledge their attraction. Violet doesn’t want to yield, so she runs away. When something happens, she runs right back, though.

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Target of Mine (Titan World)

Target of Mine: The Night Stalkers 5E (Titan World) by M.L. Buchman

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Excellent adventure of NightStalkers 5E and the Titan Group, with some SEALs thrown in. Titan is looking to clean up a mess; Jared and Sugar give the assignment to the military. Jared and the commander select Luke Altman, a SEAL Commander, Nikita Hayward, the first female in DEVGRU and Drake Roman of the NightStalkers.

A wild and crazy masquerade, scavenger hunt, manhunt, and role play ensue. It involves high fashion, deadly mercenaries, a super-luxury cruise ship, and a severe tropical storm.

I’d be doing it a disservice if I tried to explain more. Just read it. Buchman has, as usual, nailed the background, the warcraft, and the deadliness of the sniper’s accuracy. He has also developed a very playful attitude to the playacting his team does, as well as a good insight to Jared and Sugar.

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A Soldier’s Triumph (Beyond Valor)

A Soldier's Triumph: An Eagle Security & Protection Agency Novel (Beyond Valor Book 3)A Soldier’s Triumph: An Eagle Security & Protection Agency Novel by Lynne St. James
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Nice setup for a new series, Eagle Protection & Security. Alex is another of the Army Rangers who came home to Willow Haven, Florida. Alex has been badly wounded and is depressed. His wife Lily has been holding together as well as she can, but Alex has made it difficult for her.

He needs motivation and finally finds it in the form of a service dog. Then some ugly things happen to Lily as a result of her new design contract. When she is threatened she decides not to tell Alex. As it turns out, the threats become the only motivation he needs to come home for good. He is validated by the threats against her, and when he finds that he can help to save her, he is on his way to healing.

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