A Time to Give

A Time to Give (About the Baby Book 1)A Time to Give by Kathryn Shay
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Another good one from Shay, actually a reissue. Ben is a volunteer and a user of the Cassidy Place Soup Kitchen. Emily is a volunteer there and thinks Ben is a lot more than he seems. There is a very complex story here, and some intertwining events that make a Shay story. The lives of Ben and Emily intersect in ways they can’t anticipate.

The romance is a good one and the ending comes after multiple reconciliations. This is the first novel in a series called “About the Baby”.

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Hunted (Tough Justice #8)

Hunted (Tough Justice #1.8)Hunted by Carla Cassidy
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I’m putting my overall review of the entire series here, with book 8. The latter end of the series is far superior to the beginning. The story is always suspenseful and when the bad guys start popping up and the hidden events come to light, it becomes a lot more than just a serial.

Having had some experience with reading “Continuity” series, I am somewhat used to hearing different voices in the stories, based on the authors. These ladies are all experienced at the genre and make the trip worthwhile.

The last two episodes are excellent, and even though Lara is a little too tough for my taste, you can see how she became that way. I see that 2017 has produced another Lara adventure with a few new authors. I recommend this series.

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Protecting Faith (Kindle World)

Protecting FaithProtecting Faith by Lynne St. James
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

From the Special Forces: Operation Alpha Kindle World. I was pleasantly surprised to see that SEAL of Protection had crossed with Beyond Valor and Eagle Security and Protection. Faith and Chase are a cute couple and have to face some trials before their HEA. When they first met, Faith was treating Chase for his post-service trauma, having lost his entire team except for one other man.

She moved away from him in order to maintain her professional demeanor but missed this big, troubled guy. He thought she was the one for him but was so messed up after his disastrous last tour that he needed to find himself first. Only in books can these two meet up in a huge coincidence, and it’s a great meeting. Unfortunately, Faith is in trouble and needs the help of Wolf’s team. as well as Chase to make it through.

They have a trial by fire to pass through and you just know they will. This one could actually have been a little longer, with some more of the aftermath reflected in their HEA.

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A Mystery at Carlton House

A Mystery at Carlton House (Captain Lacey Regency Mysteries Book 12)A Mystery at Carlton House by Ashley Gardner
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Another excellent trip into 1818 England and Captain Lacey and family. The book opens with the birth of Gabriel and Donata’s child, which is suspenseful. Lacey is then approached by Spendlove, a Bow Street Runner who is an enemy of both Denis and Lacey. He wants proof that the strange doings at Carleton House (home of the Prince Regent) can be laid at the feet of the mysterious and dangerous James Denis.

He threatens Lacey with a promise that Lacey knows he can fulfill, so Lacey undertakes to find out what is happening at the Prince’s home. So many details that Gardner excels at are seen here, from the Prince’s demeanor and physical appearance to the decor at Carlton House to Donata’s ease and familiarity with the Regent. Lacey appears an outsider but he understands them better than they know. Donata and Grenville are also keen observers and are insiders of the Ton world.
A secondary story with Marianne plays more into the story than first appears clear.

This is a well-done mystery and an even better story of family and friends – of all types.

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Stitched Up Heart(Combat Hearts)

Stitched Up HeartStitched Up Heart by Tarina Deaton
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

First of the Combat Hearts series, involving male and female service veterans who sometimes struggle with PTSD when they come home. Jase Larken lost his best friend to suicide after they returned. He’s begun an organization that allows vets weekends in the woods to hunt and fish, and talk things out if they want to.

Bree Marks is an Air Force vet, Bronze Star winner who has come home to work in physical therapy with older adults and veterans. These two meet and feel an immediate spark between them Their issues cause some fear and reluctance to develop a real relationship and the book covers that well. There is also a crime spree going on, murders of local women. The common thread is that the women all had relationships with Bree’s unfaithful ex.

The issues with returning vets are covered tastefully and realistically, and I like that the women’s issues are addressed as well as the men’s. The romance is also good. The criminal is a little obvious to someone who reads mysteries, but the playout is chilling. There is an HEA, though.

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One Taste of Love

One Taste of LoveOne Taste of Love by Amanda Siegrist
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Second in the One Taste series taking place in St. Cloud, Minnesota. Detective Ben Stoyer has a big crush on Rina Chastain, friend of Zoe (One Taste of You). Zoe has turned Ben down for a date even though she seems to like him. Her overprotective father is bent on finding the ideal man for her, and that man will not be a detective.

Zeke and Ben are working a serial killer case, which unnerves them because the victims are all tall, slim and red-haired. So is Rina. The murders escalate and begin to hit too close to home. A few twists occur, for which readers can be grateful. They make the mystery more devious and the solution more welcome. The romance is good, too. I hope there are a few more books in the series.

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Don’t Let Go (Hope Novels)

Don't Let Go (Hope, #6)Don’t Let Go by Jaci Burton

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Story of closure and surrender in Hope, Oklahoma. Brady Conners has come back to his home town, filled with unpleasant memories. Brady’s brother Kurt died of a drug overdose and the family is mired in the bad memories. Brady’s life is one of work and sleep with as little human interaction as possible.

A few things happen to start him on a different path. First is noticing a beautiful baker named Megan. Then one day at the auto body shop, Brady is taking a break and finds a tiny, filthy puppy outside. The imaginary sight of a big, hard biker guy with a tiny dog is terrific.  Roxie and her chicken are terrifically cute.

The Hope family is expanding and the friends support each other throughout. My goodness, these folks are singlehandedly creating a new generation of Hopers!

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