Above and Beyond (Serve and Protect)

This is the first in Shay’s new series, called Serve and Protect. The Marino siblings are all dedicated to the Secret Service, military, and medicine. Nick Marino, the main agent on the President’s Protection Detail, is asked for a personal favor by President Manwaring: to protect his sister and her twin sons after some credible threats reach her.

Isabelle is a young widow and is not inclined to accept the restrictions Nick will place on her. The team has also decided to guard her covertly so that the people threatening her will continue and they can be caught, instead of going underground again. Nick is torn because he is more and more attracted to the young mom but he has aimed to become Deputy Director of the Secret Service and the relationship will put an end to that. Isabelle has a lot to say about that, though.

In Shay’s hands, the romance and the danger become more and more urgent, and a true conspiracy is uncovered. The siblings make appearances throughout the book, as do the magnificent Marino parents. I look forward to seeing them through the series.


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