Dallas Fire & Rescue: Tempting Fire (Kindle Worlds Novella)Dallas Fire & Rescue: Tempting Fire by Caitlyn O’Leary
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

O’Leary here takes to telling the stories of the six Avery sisters, Drake’s siblings. Using the canvas of the Dallas Fire and Rescue Kindle World, Chloe Avery will be saved by her best friend, a man who is now a Dallas firefighter.

Word reaches Zarek of what’s happened to Chloe and he arrives home after not having been back for years. There is a story there, too but that’s for another day. Chloe has dropped into a combination of depression and PTSD and, with the hindrance of some members of the Avery family, Zarek will take her back to Dallas with him to help her get out of her head.

There is a pretty quick resolution here, and the story could actually have gone one a little longer. However, the visits from the Avery family make this story a little crazier and a lot better – for Chloe and for us.

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