Murder in the Bowery (Gaslight Mystery, #20)Murder in the Bowery by Victoria Thompson
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The Molloy family, including the extended members, are at work on a new case. Gino and Frank are visited by a young man who hires them to find his little brother. He tells them that he and his brother were sent out to Minnesota on the Orphan Train, and he had gotten lucky working with a man who owned a general store. Now that the man had left him the store, he wanted to share his good fortune with his brother whom he hadn’t seen since they were split up years earlier.

Frank and Gino begin work and soon find that there are many more layers than the young man has told them. This story takes place with the backdrop of the newsboys’ strike, an actual event that stopped the sale of two very popular papers owned by two very famous men, Hearst and Pulitzer. The Newsboys play a large part in the story and in the solution of the mystery. This one involves a very ugly story in a very ugly family, as well as a good guy dressed in black.

I see a future story with the man in black; at least I hope so. There is also a new venture for Sarah, a maternity hospital for poor girls who have nowhere to go.

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