Shelter for Adeline (Badge of Honor: Texas Heroes #7)Shelter for Adeline by Susan Stoker
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A new take on a physical limitation. Adeline is a marketing specialist with a great eye for graphics and a case of epilepsy. She has turned her beautiful pet Coco into a service dog. In truth, Coco did it himself, alerting her to a seizure before she even realized what he was doing.

She is on a luncheon blind date one day and Coco alerts her to a coming seizure. She begs the blind date to help her to someplace quiet and private and he refuses, saying he can’t handle it. Luckily, Dean from the local Fire Station Seven is in the diner and sees her and helps her. They find each other attractive. Adeline is wary since she has had so many problems with men who don’t want to deal with her seizures. Dean is different. So begins the romance.

We meet some of the firehouse crew again, including Penelope, Cade, Chief and the others. There;’s also a softball game with rampant cheating by both firefighting heroes and law enforcement heroes. The story has a lot of humor and a lot of empathy for Adeline. I was cheering for her during the restaurant scene with the hostess and the manager.

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