One Taste of Crazy (One Taste)

One Taste of CrazyOne Taste of Crazy by Amanda Siegrist

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The police in St. Cloud have a thing going on with Young’s Accounting. All three of the ladies, Zoe, Rina and now Dee are with three of the local detectives, two happily married. Sauer has pretty much fallen in love with Dee without a word. He’s too shy to even ask her to dance at Ben and Rina’s wedding. Dee is loud, brash and has no filter and she pushes Sauer away regularly. She’s an excellent secretary to the head honcho and keeps the entire office on its toes.

She does not, however, want to “date” – ever. She remembers her mother’s sad life and doesn’t want to replicate it. So she keeps herself away from relationships and just indulges in casual sex. Sauer won’t accept her constant refusals, just walks away knowing that he is not interesting enough for her. He doesn’t know that she really does like him, but is leery of taking a chance.

A murder is consuming Sauer and his partner Newman because they have run out of clues in solving it. When Dee is attacked in her home, Sauer goes total caveman and the walls finally break down between them. There is an ugly obsession story here, but a happy ending. (Dee finally finds out what Sauer’s first name is, but I won’t tell you).

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