Besiege (SAI)

Besiege (SAI Book 4)Besiege by Lea Hart

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This book introduces the SAI Chicago office, and its leader, Hank Coleman. While attending a benefit at the Chicago Art Institute, Hank helps a woman who has stumbled in her evening gown. This is the backdrop for a romance, and also an SAI mission. When Hank finds out that the lady is his co-worker’s best friend, he begins his campaign. It is truly a campaign, and Hank handles it as though she is an objective to be met and conquered.

The young lady is Stazi, an art conservator who can’t believe that this huge hunk of alpha male is after her. When her best friend tells her that Hank is for real, they begin an odd romance, mostly because she is being followed by a Russian mobster. That is the beginning of a twisty story and an even better romance.

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