Celebrating Love (Saints Protection)

Celebrating Love (Saints Protection & Investigations Book 9)Celebrating Love by Maryann Jordan
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I was a little disappointed here. Really, jump in your car and follow the bad guys? Sorry, that just soured me on the story. I had enjoyed most of it until then. I loved the Clauses, Uncle Bernie and Vera, and seeing the Saints and families again.

I also saw that a lot of the small errors in the previous book had been corrected. For example, Cam and Miriam have a daughter again. Grace is a brunette again, and they have had their first child, Ben. Still no mention of Jack and Bethany’s baby, though.

In any case, this one is good but the following of bad guys and disregarding of folks trying to help is just TSTL. I have hopes for Nathan, Scarlett and whoever Agnes is now.

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