Protecting Dakota (Sleeper SEALs)

First of the “Sleeper” SEALs, retired SEALs who are being asked to take on solo, unrecognized, unsanctioned (officially) dark ops. Slade is working as a contractor, organizing and administering everything the SEAL teams need to do their jobs efficiently.

He is tasked by the head of the covert team to take on finding and neutralizing an ISIS threat who has put himself at the head of a new terror group and has already caused casualties by setting off explosives at LAX.

Unfortunately, one witness/hostage survived and escaped. She has disappeared from her job and her life. The head of this group has fixated on her as his wife and the mother of a new generation of terrorists. Slade is inexplicably drawn to the picture of the woman and sets off to trace her steps. He finds her very quickly, with help from Tex, but they are immediately compromised and are on the run. The simple reasons for this are horrifying and the leader is even more horrifying.

Slade and Dakota meet and immediately feel the missing parts of themselves click into place. She trusts him to protect and love her, and neither of them will give that up. When the worst happens, Stoker ratchets up the suspense in a well-plotted set of simultaneous scenes.

The Riverton SEALs, with Wolf, Cookie, and Abe helping, rush to rescue the women. (Did I mention that Caroline is in danger, too?)

Very well done, down to the HEA.


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