50 Signs…..

Here’s how to know when you’re spending too much time with  your library…. or your tablet.


Do you reread books?

This article contains an interesting viewpoint.  I was already sold; I regularly reread books that I like.

Comment below; I’d like to know if you feel the same.

Why I Won’t Read This

Here’s a description….

Joe Litchfield, a successful architect, and his brother Danny, a reputable police officer, are immersed head first into a whirlwind mystery filled with suspense, betrayal, and even murder when they come face to face with the illusive Lake Killer. For years now they have been making the trip down to Summer Breeze Lake

Why won’t I read the book?  Here’s the answer: “illusive” Lake Killer?  Did you mean ELUSIVE?

Bad spelling in the blurb turns me off, so probably not reading this one…..