Dallas Fire & Rescue: Tempting Fire (Kindle Worlds Novella)Dallas Fire & Rescue: Tempting Fire by Caitlyn O’Leary
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

O’Leary here takes to telling the stories of the six Avery sisters, Drake’s siblings. Using the canvas of the Dallas Fire and Rescue Kindle World, Chloe Avery will be saved by her best friend, a man who is now a Dallas firefighter.

Word reaches Zarek of what’s happened to Chloe and he arrives home after not having been back for years. There is a story there, too but that’s for another day. Chloe has dropped into a combination of depression and PTSD and, with the hindrance of some members of the Avery family, Zarek will take her back to Dallas with him to help her get out of her head.

There is a pretty quick resolution here, and the story could actually have gone one a little longer. However, the visits from the Avery family make this story a little crazier and a lot better – for Chloe and for us.

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Above and Beyond (Serve and Protect)

This is the first in Shay’s new series, called Serve and Protect. The Marino siblings are all dedicated to the Secret Service, military, and medicine. Nick Marino, the main agent on the President’s Protection Detail, is asked for a personal favor by President Manwaring: to protect his sister and her twin sons after some credible threats reach her.

Isabelle is a young widow and is not inclined to accept the restrictions Nick will place on her. The team has also decided to guard her covertly so that the people threatening her will continue and they can be caught, instead of going underground again. Nick is torn because he is more and more attracted to the young mom but he has aimed to become Deputy Director of the Secret Service and the relationship will put an end to that. Isabelle has a lot to say about that, though.

In Shay’s hands, the romance and the danger become more and more urgent, and a true conspiracy is uncovered. The siblings make appearances throughout the book, as do the magnificent Marino parents. I look forward to seeing them through the series.

Say You'll Stay (To Serve and Protect #2)Say You’ll Stay by Kathryn Shay
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Gabe, oldest of the Marino brothers, was removed from his protection detail responsibilities after a scandal at the Secret Service. He has worked at the Training Facility since that embarrassment, bringing new agents along.

He has the opportunity to move back to Protection when his brother Nick opts to be closer to his family. Nick is asked to form a new task force on police training. He asks for, and receives, permission to co-head the TF with Gabe. Meanwhile, Gabe has realized that he is in love with the widow of another agent, who is wary of him. First, she struggles with her son who is emotionally fragile. Also, her husband was killed while on protection detail and she doesn’t ever want to go through that pain again.

Gabe is very good with Simon and he cares for the fragile child a lot. Some of you familiar with Shay’s work can probably figure what could go wrong here, but I’ll let you figure it out. There is an HEA and a lot of things have to happen in order to make it come true. I like the way that the author brings the Marino parents into these books, and shows the toll the dangerous work takes on the parents, as well as the children.

Some old friends also make an appearance at the Secret Service Training Facility, and it’s good to hear from them. Well done second entry to the series.

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Chills (Distinguished Rogues, #1)Chills by Heather Boyd
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Nice Regency romance concerning a dashing but cold duke, his beautiful but damaged twin sister, and the young ward who has been left destitute by her parents’ bad habits. Pixie will be forced to marry someone who can afford to settle all her debts, but Jack will have none of this. He wants her for himself. His twin takes the opposite route to achieve this aim for them and some scary things happen before the HEA.

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Inevitable (Destiny Series)

Inevitable (Destiny Series Book 2)Inevitable by Lea Hart
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Good entry in the Destiny series. Brady Landry is a former Special Forces operative, now working for a security group back home in Lafayette, Louisiana. His office mate, Claire Hughes, is the type of woman Brady dreams about – often. He approaches her cautiously after he finds out that she has registered at an online dating service and has set herself up with seven dates in seven nights.

By the time night four comes along, Brady has insinuated himself into the search and has rescued Claire from a date gone wrong. She begins to see him differently and agrees that they may “hang out”, which Brady reads as “date”.

Their miscommunication and mixed signals are funny, but they have the wit to at least try to understand each other, since they have both figured out that it’s important for them to “get” each other, because they are more important to each other than they originally planned. Good one.

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Texas Healer

Texas Healer (Lone Star Lovers, #2)Texas Healer by Jean Brashear
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Another reliable Texas romance from Brashear. This is the second of three stories about the Sandoval/Sullivan brothers. Rafael is a former Special Forces soldier and medic, who has now taken up the role of curandero along with his grandmother Rosaria.

When Dr. Diana Morgan needs a place to rest and recuperate after an accident damages her right hand, she comes to Rafe’s cabin for a month of recuperation. The fact that she might not be able to perform heart surgery again makes her afraid and ill-tempered. When Rafe meets her, he recognizes a kindred spirit – one who needs to heal but cannot, because of emotional wounds, not only the physical ones.

Despite both of them resolving not to become involved, they grow closer and closer. When Diana’s hand begins to heal, she runs back to New York and her hospital, patients, and physical therapies. Rafe is broken by her departure even though he always knew that their small town and holistic medical practices would not be acceptable to her. HEA, though, and more gorgeous writing by this author.

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Wish Upon A SEAL (Kindle World)

Wish Upon a SEAL (Brotherhood Protectors; Lost and Found #5.7)Wish Upon a SEAL by J.M. Madden
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Cute one, about a SEAL, and a wedding. Drake is the oldest on his SEAL team, and is used to the quick and done type of encounter with women. Watching his friend so happy at his wedding makes him think he’d like something more from his life.

He meets a pretty bridesmaid and they hit it off, both swearing that there’s no future for them. Izzy is leery of men who are adrenaline junkies, and she tells Drake that. An aggressive blind date, and more trouble than should ever happen at a wedding changes both their minds. Where will he end up – Montana or Colorado?

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